Long Term Care Planning

Long Term Care Planning

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While your health may not be a matter of concern today, you might need someone’s assistance and guidance in your old age.

In today’s nuclear family arrangements, it has become a challenging task for seniors to take care of themselves. Therefore, seniors need help in deciding the best policies and plans for them.

Note that buying long term care insurance will not only cover your hospitalization and treatment expenses, but it also offers more than that. It is a policy that will keep you secure in the later stages of your life.

Here at Ace Agents Financial, we try to take care of our customers as we do for our own family. We will take care of you when you need us the most. So, we assess your needs before choosing a plan for you.

What is Long Term Care Insurance?

Long term care insurance offers the assistance needed when you can no longer perform daily activities on your own. These activities include bathing, eating, dressing, or taking your medication. This policy will also cover you in situations where you have Alzheimer's disease or any other illness or cognitive impairment. The policy will pay for the assistance you need to perform these activities.

There are certain features and benefits of this insurance, such as:

  • It offers you financial independence and security.
  • It offers flexibility so that you can live on your own terms.
  • It provides coverage for unexpected illnesses.

Types of Long-term Care Insurance

Comprehensive Long-term Care Insurance

As the name suggests, it offers comprehensive coverage by adding facilities and solutions of your choice for old age requirements. It covers expenses for a nursing home, adult daycare centers, and home care facilities.

Facility Only Long-term Care Insurance

This insurance covers the expenses of staying in nursing homes, Alzheimer’s facilities, and assisted living facilities.

Your independence and liberty are important. This is because no one wants to live in an uncomfortable environment. So, choose wisely where you would like to invest to secure your future financial independence.

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