Life Insurance

Life Insurance

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Protect your loved ones with our life insurance solutions.

Life is unpredictable; a death in your family can not only lead to emotional upheaval but can also take a considerable toll on the future financial stability of your family. Suddenly without the deceased’s income, paying mortgages, providing education to children becomes much more difficult. Those who secure their future by using life insurance make sure that their family will be financially cared for.

So, make a decision and protect your loved ones even after you are gone. Start planning today with Ace Agents’ financial team of experienced life insurance agents. They will assist and guide you, finding suitable plans for you and your parents.

Not all life insurance is created equal. Learn more about the types of life insurance before you choose a product.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a promise by an insurance company that, on regular payments of premium or systematic payments, the insurance company will provide a certain amount, i.e., death benefits to the beneficiaries after the insured’s death.

Benefits of Life Insurance:

  • It keeps your family financially secure when you pass away.
  • It provides a permanent shelter as long as you pay regular premiums on time. Whole and universal life insurance will protect you indefinitely.

Some whole life insurance policies can provide you with cash value by giving you extra money for any health treatment, such as cancer.

Types of life insurance

We understand that you want to maintain your family’s current lifestyle or would like to pay for your child’s college fees. You may also be worried about your parents after you expire. We have different options and plans that will fit your budget and specific requirements.

Term Life

Term life insurance offers a guaranteed income-tax-free death benefit. Term insurance makes sense when you have a limited budget. You can choose any coverage length from one year to up to thirty years. This policy has a fixed premium. You will be insured for a fixed period and receive no cash value.

Whole Life Plan

As the name suggests, these plans provide lifelong coverage and have the most predictable plan after you expire with fixed premium and death benefits. These are designed for people who want to receive death benefits. This policy also carries the cash value. Whole life plans have various benefits, such as:

  • Guaranteed death benefit.
  • Guaranteed cash value.
  • Guaranteed premiums that remain fixed.
  • Annual dividend payments. However, the timing and amount of payment are not certain.

Indexed Life Plan

It is permanent life insurance that protects your financial stability and makes the most of growth opportunities that are linked to the performance of market indices. It is the one policy that allows you to plan your supplementary retirement income too. This insurance policy gives you several cash accumulation options and flexible death benefits as well as flexible premiums. It provides certain benefits, such as:

  • Easy access to cash flow whenever you need it.
  • You can add living benefits to your policy.
  • Upside potential during good market performance.
  • Downside protection if market performance declines.

Universal Life Plan

Enjoy customized and permanent life insurance with the flexibility of customizing death benefit protection with cash value addition to your policy. It offers all the benefits of a traditional life insurance policy, such as:

  • Flexibility in setting the monthly premium amounts.
  • Tax-deferred earnings.
  • Flexible death advantage.
  • It comes with a minimum interest rate and potential interest credits.
  • This policy offers lifelong coverage and flexible protection.
  • The policy provides different methods of cash accumulation, and it can be withdrawn only after you pass away.

So, if you are going through a difficult phase and need a reliable source by your side, with Ace Agent Financial, you will have peace of mind that our agents and expert brokers will guide your family at every step of the way.

Disclosure * There are other types of life of life insurance available in the market. However, different types of licenses are needed to solicit them.
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